Choose Right Office Coffee

Don’t mess around when it comes to choosing your office coffee. This is an important part of everyone’s work place environment. Even though that sounds a little hyperbolic and maybe quite similar to the jittery protestations of the seasoned caffeine addict, it is useful advice on many levels. directory is an excellent resource for this.

The beverage is a staple in most work places. Sometimes employees begin their day before the usual workforce, and the first few hours of any shift can be difficult to struggle through without caffeine. But if it was as easy as administering caffeine, people would just eat pills in the morning instead.

This is a food, and one with tremendous variation. Not only do beans from different parts of the world produce startlingly different drinks in the end, you can also create many different varieties within those drinks simply by selecting a different roast level.

Acidity is a term that may be useful to contemplate. In cupping parlance, acid refers to the subjective brightness of the taste. This is conceptually similar to the treble end of an audio spectrum. Outside of cupping however, this term refers to what the general public would think it means. There are some low acid options which you may want to investigate. These beans have been specially treated to reduce the incidence of stomach upset in those who may find that to be a concern.

Since we have brought up the audio analogy, let’s go a bit further. This is a good way to conceptualize the different global regions, and it has helped many people come to grips with some fundamental varietal characteristics.

The first region is Africa. This is the birthplace of the bean, and it is here that the oldest and most traditional methods of growing, picking, cleaning, and brewing are practiced. Musically speaking, African beans can be compared to classical music. The most famous example, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, is a lovely soft drink with hints of wine and flowers in the nose. These beans are often best with a light roast so as to further bring out the floral aromas.

South and Central America is home to pop music. Catchy melodies, happy lyrics, and simple but effective beat structures are found in these beans. From the world famous Jamaica Blue Mountain to the absolutely wonderful beans of Costa Rica and Panama, these flavors are not as complex as their African cousins though just as bright. Many different roast levels are appropriate with these beans, and the same varietal can be roasted to different degrees with great effect.

Many people prefer the funk. Dark, deep bass lines smothered in humidity. Come to the south Pacific, to places like Sumatra, if you want to get down and dark. These beans are almost always roasted to a full city level in order to enhance their musky earthiness.

So what kind are you going to buy? Maybe it would be a good plan to ask your colleagues what kind of music they like to listen to in the mornings. That is sometimes a decent way to stat deciding on what sort of office coffee you want to bring in to your place of work.

CorporateCoffee – Keep Your Employees Happy

Related imageAside from perking up your employees, there are other advantages to providing your workers with a well-brewed cup of coffee in the workplace. Read on to find out some of them. internet

Coffee Break Perks

Workers feel appreciated by employers who go the extra mile for them. To you it may just be a cup of coffee; but to them it is a sign that you value and think highly of them. They will be more likely to go the distance for you and the company in turn.

By providing your employees with good coffee, you save them money since they no longer have to pay for their caffeine jolt from the expensive franchise outside your office. This also means they can be more productive since they’re back at their desks much sooner than if they had to go outside the building for their cup of coffee.

Good coffee is stimulating; it keeps your employees revved up for work all day, ready to roll up their sleeves and churn out the ideas that may just be your company’s next big breakthrough. Don’t stifle creativity; feed it with a good cup of coffee instead!

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There’s nothing like a great cup of flavorful gourmet coffee to energize a conversation. Give your employees a chance to shoot the breeze and catch up with each other’s lives; this builds trust, engenders a sense of belonging and helps create a climate of collaboration and cooperation.

Don’t underestimate the prestige and stature your company stands to gain by giving your employees the best coffee available in the office rather than a regular run-of-the-mill cup of Joe. Your workers will identify with this image of class and taste and will present this front to your clients. Your company can only profit from this chain of events.

The next time you’re thinking of doing away with the free coffee service for your employees, stop and think twice. For benefits that both you and your workers can potentially reap, it seems like such a small price to pay for so much promise.