TouchUpLaser  – Summary

Related imageHair Removal by Laser works by targeting the root of the hair in the hair follicle underneath the outer layers of skin. The laser is attracted to the pigment found in the hair follicles. When the laser passes through the outer layers of skin, the heat, which is used to effectively destroy the hair follicle, is not transferred to the lighter areas of the skin. Therefore, the treatment disables the actively growing hair follicles whilst not damaging the surrounding skin and underlying tissue. click site

The laser procedure is most effective on coarse, dark hair on an individual with lighter skin tones, however; recently, technological advances have allowed laser hair removal to be used on all skin tones including tanned skin.

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Laser Hair Removal treatments are generally done by a professional laser technician in a clinic or spa. The treatment of an area of unwanted body hair generally takes three to eight sessions in order to ensure all of the hair follicles are destroyed. Because laser hair removal treatment works best on actively growing hairs, it is necessary to have multiple treatments in order to ensure that all of the follicles are disabled, as each hair goes through its growth cycle.

After a series of visits, the area will be hair free, and will remain as such for an extended period of time. Once a hair follicle is destroyed it will never grow back, but we have millions of hair follicles on our bodies so we cannot guarantee that you will never see hair growth in the area again. Most patients experience 85 – 100 percent permanent hair reduction that lasts for years!