Auto Collision Repair – Restoring Vehicles and Lives

Despite oil spills, job losses and unemployment these days leading the headlines, it’s difficult to find news with a positive message. Nonetheless, the St. Petersburg Times recently managed to do just that with an article entitled “The auto body guy revived his life and does the same for vehicles.” Highlighting auto body repairman, Russell Bailey, the article describes how a chance encounter with “a government agency that helps people with disabilities and health problems find jobs” led Bailey to his calling. In the meantime, it put an end to a troubled past in which he “battled depression and a host of medical issues like high blood pressure and complications from an old head injury. He used drugs and alcohol. His marriage failed; he was separated from his three children. He tried to find work, but his spotty attendance record would get him fired.” When an unfortunate accident or act of nature throws your normal lifestyle upsy-turvy, you can rely on a reliable auto body repair operation to get you back on the road quickly and with the assurance that your car has been absolutely repaired to your satisfaction. A repair shop with ASE and ICAR Gold Class certifications gives you the peace of mind that your car is being treated by top-rated automotive repair technicians. Click this link here now JC Auto Collision

So from your experience with a reliable auto body repair service what can you expect? Implementing a meticulous five-step process in the repair of each damaged vehicle it is entrusted with. The multi-stage approach would cover: 1. Estimating Services-State-of – the-art computer software helps identify any aspect of your vehicle that has been damaged. Technicians who disassemble and search for any hidden harm that is not evident from initial inspection ensure that non-visible damage is documented and repaired to your insurance company. Alternatively, if frame or structural damage is suspected, state of the art laser body scanners may be used.

2. Repair process-This stage will include repairing each and every damaged component of your vehicle with only parts from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or alternative approved components.

3. Refinishing process-During this step only the finest quality, catalyzed urethane priming surfacer will be added to the previously damaged area. And because color matching is so important, a Touch Mix Computer System can ensure a perfect match of color, including shading tips for custom paint jobs.

Once the color is considered a perfect match, the surface of your car will be sanded, masked and washed before the paint is applied in a professional manner. The epoxy prime coat, followed by the matching base color coat and finally the acrylic urethane clear-coat guarantees complete invisibility of the auto body repair process.

4. Finishing touches-On time delivery, properly fixed and looking as if the incident or injury never happened-these are the hallmarks of a professional auto body repair service quality control.

5. Out the Door-Ready to return to pre-accident state on promise… or even better, you’ll be on your way with final repair papers in hand and already filed with your insurance company.