Art Deco Door Handles – A Closer Look

Door handles are an important part of the door furniture. Its appearance, location, ease of use and its usability are all an important consideration. Door handles usually use a mechanical system with a screw axle referred to as the spindle that has a flat portion mounted through the door groove. The handles or knobs are then mounted on either side of the door fastened to the spindle to allow opening and closing. Different knobs have extra complexity and flexibility.Have a look at Art Deco Door Handles for more info on this.

Types of Door Handles The entrance door handles are generally used for the doors furniture that lead to the outside of the house. The knobs come with a locking mechanism for stability.

The privacy knob locks will typically not come with a cylinder locking system. The security features are not significant since the main aim of the door furniture is to allow privacy as opposed to security. Closet door knobs on the other hand do not have a locking system. These are used on hall ways and for closets door furniture. The knobs are used for pulling and returning the door.

Dummy handles are used more for aesthetic beauty as opposed to usefulness. These handles are mounted on electric doors, ball catch doors or spin doors.

Considerations When selecting Door Handles Quality The quality of the knobs is important since handles are used regularly. There are various materials used to make door handles. Stainless steel is among other most durable materials for door furniture knobs. There are both satin stainless and polished stainless knobs. There are various grading of the stainless steel and you can get an average grade for your household use. Chrome and brass are also durable fabrics for door handles. Other knobs such as glass are fragile and may be inappropriate for exterior doors. Though they are very beautiful and classy, they can simple be dirtied and will look bad if not washed and shined. Wood knobs are also available. They may not be as durable as the steel handles but they are much cheaper. Besides the material used in making the door furniture handles, you should also be keen to buy knobs from a reputable company to be assured of durability and price.

Aesthetics The other important thing to remember when purchasing door handles is the aesthetic beauty. There are imaginative knobs that may take different forms such as a hand, bottle or a key. Some handles are placed at the center of the door for aesthetics. You can also get a see through knobs or a old fashioned ones. The door knobs often come in different colors to fit with the door furniture and the rest of the house.

Security You should also consider its safety when considering the handle, especially it is for an exterior door. The choice of a knob with a quality locking system is critical for homeowners. A locksmith can help identify door furniture handles which provide decent security for the people living in the house. Many door handles that come interconnected to the house security system to alert surveillance when the alarm system is turned on when the knob is running.

Functionality Aside from safety, the functionality of the door furniture handle is important to consider. If the door is made of hardwood, a handle mechanism should be in place which makes the door easy to open and close. Additionally, handles need to be durable in specific passage doors to withstand the continuous handling. Then you can use the less robust but more elegant handles for the interior doors which may not require much opening and closing.