The Perfect Gifts For Your Boat Lovers

Looking in your life for that sailor’s just-right nautical gift? It can be a tough call from a tropical / beach-themed gift, or to the high end nautical luxury. What will my husband / boyfriend / significant other make the perfect nautical gift?Do you want to learn more? Visit gifts for boat lovers .

If your sailor prefers to spend a day sailing or floating on a nautical trip-or just clinging down the deck in the harbor to install a new GPS system or splicing a rusty anchor line-you might just as well miss the pen’ n pencil package or that new lawn edger and go straight for what stirs the spirit of your sailor.
It may be something for him) as a new downrigger, a Marine radio or a depth finder. Maybe your sunroom will have a coffee table laminated over nautical charts and rope piping. Either way, this is where you connect with the sailor in your life, turn on, thrill and please.
Simple nautical gift guidelines: Decide whether to go with beach decoration or something that says “pirate” and sailing life.
Brass is almost always ideal, like nautical lamps and nautical lanterns or just about any kind of nautical home decoration. A working oil lantern or set of lanterns is going to be a big hit, the fuel they are burning now is almost smokeless and smell-free, kerosene is a thing of the past.
If you’ve got room, a set of colorful nautical flags always look good, a logbook and logbook cover would be a perfect gift for a boat owner of considerable size. The covers of teak logbooks are exquisite and can be etched with the name of his voyage, his name and home port. A gift like this shows that you care and he receives an ego massage seeing his name gravitated. Each time he uses it, you’ll also be thought of.
Nautical standard timers, bell clocks on ships are always valued. This is a gift that most men wouldn’t spend the money on themselves, but we really love a quality clock, the clocks that are very nice to chime with the ship’s bell.
Skip the cap of the dopey captain, unless they’re at least 20 years old and have seen at least six dunkings. (Otherwise, it screams, “Hi, I’m a new boat owner, so don’t get too close!”) So, enjoy your quest for your sailor’s perfect nautical gift, he’ll appreciate you taking the time and recognizing his favorite pastime.